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The Moore House, Palos Verdes Estates

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There has been a lot of discussion about the impending demolition of the "Moore House", 504 Paseo Del Mar, Palos Verdes Estates.  Having lived here since 1947 and grown up in Neighborhood Church across the street from it, I remember when it was built and have some perspective on this: First of all, and cutting to the chase, I agree that the current owner has the right to tear it down and build the house he desires.  The PVE City Council...Continue Reading!

A Look Back at Hindsight

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As an amateur historian, it has always amazed me how often other historians, let alone non-historians, engage in hindsight when assessing past actions and events.  This is so pervasive that I have decided that the various forms of this need to be categorized and named.  I have modestly christened this the Graham Hindsight Scale, which currently runs from 1 to 4, tho I reserve the right to modify or expand it as I discover examples of other types of hindsight. ...Continue Reading!

Somali Pirates

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I am sure this must be in the planning stage, but we've all heard of "bait cars" used to catch car thieves, right? What we need now are a few "bait boats" (if the fishing industry will loan the term), modeled along the lines of the WW 1 British Q Ships. Disguised as innocent, vulnerable merchantmen, they would lure a German U-boat within range, then drop the gunwales and blast the sub out of the water with previously concealed deck...Continue Reading!

World War II Detention Camps

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While the commonly held public view of the Government "relocation" of those of Japanese ancestry in the early months of WW 2 is that it was a "disgrace" and "a stain on our national history", there is another side to this that most Americans don't know: While classified information for 50 years following the end of WW 2, it is now commonly known that, in the months leading up to the Pearl Harbor attack, US cryptanalysts had been working feverishly on...Continue Reading!