"Palos Verdes Resident since 1947"


The following are excerpts from unsolicited letters that I frequently get from clients after an escrow has closed.  These are very meaningful and gratifying to me, written as they are after the dust has settled.  Most agents you interview claim to walk on water.  While I make no such claim, my clients’ high opinion of my work after the transaction is completed speaks for itself:


If you are looking for an honest, reliable, and hard working real estate agent who will go the extra mile for you and walk you through the entire process of buying or selling your home then Dana Graham is that agent.

Our first “deal” with Dana was in 1997 when he spent countless hours looking for just the right home for us. We had very specific parameters due to commuting issues and he listened to us carefully and did not waste our time trying to show us homes that were outside of our driving distance and our budget.

He knows what is important and what is minor when it comes to the home inspection and advises accordingly saving the buyer/owner time and money.

We have been working with him ever since and have recommend at least a dozen friends, family and colleagues to him whom have all been thrilled with the results of their sales and/or home purchases.

Only wish we would have met him before we bought and sold our first two homes. We could have saved a lot of time and money.


Just wanted you to know about the exemplary job Dana Graham performed for us with the sale of our family home, 204 Via Alcance, PVE.  We suffered the loss of our dearest mom this year.  Dana’s caring style helped us with the sale of our home we all grew up in.  It was a major undertaking because there are four of us siblings and we have been in the house for almost 60 years.

Dana helped with every detail that arose, fixing gates to gettting the right roofer to put the buyers at ease that the roof was sound.  Dana knew who to call or did it himself.  Every problem was tended to with a positive outcome.  All four of us were very happy with the sale.  I would recommend Dana to other sellers.

Valerie Hand — Palos Verdes Estates


We really can’t thank you enough for making this happen – you nailed it, from getting the right stager and a great photographer, to organizing the open houses and pulling in all those offers, to helping us choose the right buyer, and to seeing through all the inspections during the great flood of 2024 and the “foundation is crumbling!” inspector – to finally checking on the house regularly and finding that leaking fridge filter, arranging to have everything removed/hauled away, and the final cleaning.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with any of this though, after going through all the previous sales/purchases with you :). 

Leon Gurevich and Julie Carr — Rancho Palos Verdes


Dana Graham did a superb job selling my home in Rancho Palos Verdes. We closed on the sale of my home less than 30 days after the listing went live. Why? Because if you are going to optimally and successfully sell your home on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, you need a real estate insider to sell your home. Dana was born and brought up on the “Hill”, where he lives and works. His judgement, expertise, knowledge of the nuances of how the Hill works, was essential to the marketing and sales process. He made the right decisions and choices about marketing strategy, photographer, promotional material and more, every step of the way.  Because he lives and works on the Hill, he was accessible to make countless visits to the property to tend to any number of details. Dana understands how to keep a deal on track when the unexpected occurs. It takes experience and wisdom, and he has it. He knows everyone on the Hill, and they know and like and respect him. That is invaluable in the sales process.  There were multiple offers on my property and he navigated the process to help me chose the best one and avoid pitfalls.

Having said all that, one of his most important assets is that he is fun, personable and he has a great sense of humor. He was a joy to work with. He goes well and above the call of duty.  He helped advise me on many other issues such as sale of my vehicle, moving options, local resources and more. He understands the intricacies of all of the local regulations, and he has a superior working relationship with other real estate professionals – the personal relationships he has developed over a lifetime are invaluable to maintain goodwill to close a deal, especially when challenges arise, which they will.

I recommend Dana Graham without reservation to anyone who wants to successfully sell their home in Palos Verdes. I will always be grateful to him for taking a process which has the potential to encounter any number of landmines, and turning it into a successful smooth sail with the perfect ending. Dana Graham is the quintessential real estate insider to sell your Palos Verdes property.

Deb Palmieri — Rancho Palos Verdes


My father planned the end with such detail.  Thankfully he recommended you to be our realtor to sell the house.

Your attention to the details and your communication with us made an emotionally difficult time so much easier.  While there were no hiccups, your explanation of the overall process and anticipation of possible issues left us with little to worry about.  I have talked to friends who have needed to sell their childhood homes, no one has had a smoother time than we did, all because of your experienced guidance.

And thank you for the beautiful painting of the house.  It will be a cherished momento of our home.  This extra touch was so thoughtful and kind.

Wishing you fair winds and full sails

Mary Ulin — Palos Verdes Estates


Thank you for helping us to sell our family home.  It is a special place for us, and we are happy that with your help and guidance it now belongs to a couple that love the house and plan to make it a home.  I hope that it becomes as special for them as it has been for us.

Your effort was phenomenal. The sales process was easy, efficient and to my surprise, enjoyable.  Your information and advice were extremely helpful.  The advice to not “stage” the house or install a new lawn was spot on; the house looked and felt like a home rather than a set piece.  Who knew that real estate services include help in selling a Volkswagen and gluing loose floor tiles in place.  Talk about service!

We are glad that you attended our father’s memorial and KHYC.  Our fathers were friends who cared about the peninsula and its school system, a benefit to all.  Taking time from your busy schedule to honor that friendship is most appreciated.

I would recommend you to anyone selling or buying a house in the Valmonte area or anywhere

Again, thank you.

Jim Curtis — Palos Verdes Estates


I still can barely believe the amazing experience I was fortunate enough to have with Mr. Dana Graham. Dana was referred to me in the middle of a unfortunate situation to sell our single family property. I met Dana once. Dana gave me a 100% accurate assessment of the selling situation: Price; Market; and an approach to safe guard our family from the pain of an open selling situation. After our initial meeting, I reached out to Dana and expressed my deep desire to keep the property. Dana heard me and worked with me in a two prong approach: Refinance and Preparation for sale. He was there every step of the way prepared to do what was needed in either case. Dana is the definition of a trust-worthy professional with a clear understanding and compassion for his clients’ needs. You can trust this Dana to work for you! My family is forever grateful to this man that I had never met before!!!

Everette Jones — Rancho Palos Verdes


Dana Graham sold our home under some rather difficult conditions: 1. Dealing with 3 siblings involved in a Trust Sale. 2. Out of State correspondence with a Trustee. 3. A house in disrepair. Dana was able to work with all of us through email, text message or phone calls to get the job done. He made it a point to contact each of us daily with updates progress reports.

The remodeling process was incredibly fast and the contractors were available to work immediately. Time was critical in getting the home listed and on the market. A transformation from ‘Fixer Upper’ to ‘Eye-Stopper’ seemed effortless.

He advertised the house on-line and print media, and held open houses every weekend, rain or shine. He was diligent in getting the home marketed to everyone and made sure the Brokers/Agents in PV never lost interest, it was “fresh on their minds”.

He actually lived in this home when he was younger, so it was very personal to him. I know he feels this way about all the homes he represents, not just ours. Without question, he’s extremely driven to get the job done and see you leave escrow satisfied. We’re very grateful for his time & effort in getting the home sold. Dana was responsible for a seemingly insurmountable situation, the Mt. Everest of real estate transactions, yet, he did it! Thank you!

Debbie Koehler — Palos Verdes Estates


Dana Graham is the most professional agent I have ever met. I have bought and sold many properties and Dana Is the best agent by far. He takes a genuine interest in your property. My sale was of my family home and it was a probate sale. He was required to frequently interface with my lawyer, who agreed Dana was so completely knowledgeable and professional. My home was not in “perfect” condition. Dana never asked me to do anything I couldn’t afford to do. He priced the property appropriately, in current market value, and within a week we had multiple offers above our asking price. A probate sale requires work for the agent way above a regular sale. He was extremely efficient and handled whatever arose extremely quickly. He accompanied me to court and handled some personal banking issues for me. He was always working for me, it didn’t feel like I was just another listing. He always went above and beyond to make sure we were on track with getting things done quickly and efficiently. He knows Palos Verdes as he grew up and continues to live there. I highly recommend Dana!!!!!

Jeannine Black — Palos Verdes Estates


Dana – Thanks again for getting another deal done (our fourth together) in a timely, efficient and organized manner.  Certainly much has changed since our first deal in 1986 (we, of course, have barely changed at all).   It is always reassuring to know that you are always fully up-to-speed with all of the ever-changing regulatory requirements, market dynamics, and most importantly; all of the little stuff that makes such a huge difference.  Your personal commitment and attention to detail are greatly appreciated.  As always, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you again.

Kevin Mallon — Palos Verdes Estates


Dana is the ideal real estate agent. He knows the Palos Verdes Peninsula better than most agents as he has lived there the last 30-40 years. He is a hard worker, honest , listen to his clients and than provide a professional advice based on his vast experience. His knowledge and ability to relate to others are superb, and he is relentless. You will not be disappointed!!!

Rafael Gishri — Palos Verdes Estates


Dana Graham is the best.  Dana led, managed, and executed three real estate transactions for me involving selling a townhome, leasing a condo, (because my townhome sold so quickly) and purchasing a condo.  Dana is the ultimate professional.  His expertise in real estate made the process run very smoothly.  Dana is extremely knowledgeable and at our initial meeting, he spent the time to walk me through the entire real estate timeline and answer all of my questions.  Dana gave me great advice and was accessible whenever needed.  I would recommend Dana in a heartbeat. Thank you Dana!

Maureen Simpson — Rancho Palos Verdes


Dana Graham is one of the best real estate agents I have ever used.  He just gets the job done.  He takes care of all the details from start to finish.  He is always so positive throughout the whole process.  His knowledge of the market and how buyers and sellers work is amazing.  He is accessible (at all times!). He comes up with innovative ways to handle complex situations.  Nothing is too hard for him to deal with.  He has an army of trustworthy repairmen, escrow officers, title insurance reps, and mortgage lenders that are just as amazing as he is.  Dana’s relationship with you does not end when the deal is done.  Anything that pops up after escrow closes, he helps with.  Even the smallest item is not too small for him to take care of professionally and efficiently.  I would definitely recommend Dana.  You not only would gain by working with great real estate agent, you most likely will end up with a good friend as well.

Heidi Mealy Wallace — Rolling Hills Estates


Dana did a fantastict job for us when we sold my childhood home. He guided us on what things needed to be fixed and what to leave alone. He has a great resource of people who can repair any problems with the house. Dana put us in touch with someone who could setup and run an estate sale, remove anything that was left and leave the house spotless and ready for move-in. He handled advertising, escrow, and negotiating with potential buyers very smoothly. He was very available when we had questions. His advice on what to expect at each stage helped to make the process very smooth. We would recommend Dana very highly to anyone.

Steve Endicott — Palos Verdes Estates


Dana Graham is my hero! This man helped me find my first home in 2010. He was highly recommended by a girlfriend of mine after explaining to her how several realtors were not working for me. I contacted Dana. I explained to Dana how straightforward I am and how I was in need of a good, honest realtor. Dana was straightforward, no non sense, honest, tells it like it is kinda guy and I was happy to be working with him. Dana worked with me to find my first home in September 2010 and he met my closest friends and family because I spoke so highly of him!

Fast forward six years and it was time to sell. My first call was to Dana. Dana helped me sell my home and in three days it sold. I couldn’t have asked for more. The process went somewhat smooth and again was a great experience working with Dana.

Here I am, September 2017, in the same place I was with Dana seven years ago. I am purchasing my second home and Dana is by my side. I couldn’t ask for more as I know he is trustworthy and would do no wrong. We are still in the process of the purchase of my second home and so far I am happy.

I decided to write a YELP review although Dana doesn’t need it because he needs to catch up with the times*smile.  Thank you Dana, you are the BESTEST!

Xochilt Rosas — Hawthorne and Claremont


I would highly recommend using Dana Graham for your real estate needs. Dana helped us in all aspects of the sale of my father’s house, after his passing. He was professional and was an expert in the local market. Dana was great to work with, he gave us great advice on how to stage the house and had great references for some of the work that needed to be done before the house was listed. The entire process was smooth, as we were still grieving the loss of our dad. Dana is a great guy and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that wants to have a hassle free real estate experience.

Sheryl Mufich — Rancho Palos Verdes


Dana Graham is a wonderful realtor. He helped us to sell our home in Lomita and buy our home in Rolling Hills Estates. His knowledge of all the details of the process and financing and getting professionals to help with needed repairs is very helpful. He always keeps you informed and keeps ahead of all the necessary paperwork. He is pleasant and funny. Dana helps to get you through the crazy twists and turns of the real estate game. I highly recommend Dana for your real estate needs.

Mike Cochrane


I cannot recommend Dana highly enough. He was professional, helpful, responsive and a terrific communicator in assisting us in selling our childhood home after our mother’s death. In what could have been a very difficult transaction, both in terms of family dynamics and the condition of the house, he had a solution for every problem. He even assisted with, and directly handled, getting the house in shape to be shown as well as disposing of 60 years worth of contents. I recommend him without reservation!

Susan Williams


My wife and I have worked with Dana Graham on multiple occasions. He is professional and extremely knowledgable. We were extremely happy with Dana, and recommend him to anyone with their real estate needs.

Nick Elming


Dana handled the sale of my mother’s house after she passed. His knowledge of the neighborhood and past sales was encyclopedic. He had huge list of contractors, stagers, etc and those who could help us get the house ready. He was responsive throughout the process (he even loaned us his vacuum when ours was mistakenly packed up and sent off with the moving truck). He was a calm, firm and creative negotiator, who got us 100K more than any of the other 3 agents we had interviewed thought possible. He stayed present throughout the process, making sure we got through closing smoothly. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Erica Bauermeister


This was my 2nd home sale with Dana that meet all my expectations including the agreed to price requiring minimal time on my part. It took one meeting to establish price as he was well prepared with comps in the area and quickly clarified questions aligning on the process. His expertise in preparing your home for sale using vendors at reasonable cost was a key component to selling my home. Dana is trustworthy and delivers on his promise with a sense of urgency.

Mark Taira


Dana has sold/purchased six houses for our immediate and extended families. He has also sold a house for a friend of mine. We have had a relationship with Dana for the past 8 years. We couldn’t be happier with him as our real estate guy. He is definitely the guy you want if you want to sell or buy a house without headaches. He is very knowledgeable and transactions are quick and smooth. Call him!

Helen Kawahara


Dana did a fantastic job for us when we sold my childhood home. He guided us on what things needed to be fixed and what to leave alone. He has a great resource of people who can repair any problems with the house. Dana put us in touch with someone who could setup and run an estate sale, remove anything that was left and leave the house spotless and ready for move-in. He handled advertising, escrow, and negotiating with potential buyers very smoothly. He was very available when we had questions. His advice on what to expect at each stage helped to make the process very smooth. We would recommend Dana very highly to anyone.

Kathy Chidester


Dana Graham at Berkshire Hathaway in Rolling Hills Estates, is an excellent, trustworthy and knowledgeable realtor. Dana grew up in Palos Verdes and has complete knowledge of all local real estate matters in the area. Our family was very pleased and considered ourselves fortunate when Dana handled the sale of our 94 year old father’s home of 55 years. Dana give hands on service and sold the house like it belonged to his own father. Our family felt very fortunate to have a realtor with the integrity, ability and delightful personality of Dana Graham.

Susan Willis


Dana is the best agent around! I have known Dana since the late 90’s. My husband & I were trying to sell our home & it was not moving. We were referred to Dana by our neighbors who had just successfully sold & bought through Dana. Sure enough, Dana got our house sold & helped us purchase our next home. Dana also helped with a couple of investment properties – successfully – and was also very helpful & diplomatic as my husband & I were going through our divorce & divving things up. Dana is the go-to agent not only because he can sell well & buy well, but he goes the full nine yards with having great contacts for all your transitional needs: mortgage brokers, inspectors, painters, handymen, carpet installers, on & on. Not only does he have these great contacts, but they were available when needed! Dana even helped me find a rental when I was between owning anything. Most recently, Dana helped me find & purchase a very affordable condo, & even though it was a smaller sale for Dana, he treated it as if it were the sale of the century & provided the same level of service as he had on the way bigger transactions during my married years. As I wrote at the beginning of my review: Dana is the best!

Liz Winokur


Thank you so much for guiding us through it so effortlessly and being so concerned on our behalf.   It is a neat deal when you have a childhood friend take care of an emotional job.  You were terrific Dana!  hope we don’t loose touch now.

Kathy Chidester Endicott


After our father’s passing, selling a home that had been in our family for 49 years was not something my brothers and I were looking forward to.  After getting a great recommendation from my brother in law’s family, Dana Graham came to meet with us at the house.  We liked his sense of humor, his extensive knowledge of the Palos Verdes area, and his “I do it all” approach.  He doesn’t delegate any tasks. . . . He kept my brothers and I up to date on any and all details concerning the house, and he handled those details, which was a great relief, as two of us live more than 6 hours away.  When there was work to be done at the house that he couldn’t do, he hired quality professionals that he has worked with before.  But he still came by the house, checking on them.  When unforeseen problems arose, Dana handled them quickly and professionally.  My brothers and I highly recommend Dana Graham for any real estate needs you might have.  He truly “does it all”.

The Mufich Family


Our family would like to compliment our realtor Dana Graham.  It was an honor to have such a competent and thorough agent negotiating on our behalf.  My father’s home was built in 1957 and had many problems related to age.  Dana negotiated the perfect deal for us, including a cash offer and absolving our family of any future problems.

All family members live a distance from the home and Dana even sold my father’s last old Mercedes on our behalf.

Dana has a great reputation in the area and respects his position of trust and honesty.  This is observed by those he works with and is evidenced by the co-operation and support he gets from others in conducting his business.  Every aspect of the transaction was smooth and quick without any mistakes.  This was a stressful year for us and his presence has been greatly appreciated.

My 94 year old father trusted Dana at every aspect of the negotiations and was treated with respect.  My father and the family had great confidence in everything Dana did on our behalf.  This created a great peace of mind for all family members.   Whatever his commission was, it was not enough to cover all the personal attention to detail he gave our family.


The Hollander Family

The sale of our mom’s house could have been traumatic and difficult. You did it in a straightforward, clear way with just the right amount of humor in dealing with our many situations. While selling the house that had so many good memories will always be sad and is part of the long journey of saying goodbye to our mom, we could not have asked for a better person to help us through this.
Thank you so much for everything,
Nina Meierding

I. Love. This. Team.

This could have been so hard, and complicated, and painful — and it just wasn’t because everybody did such a damn fine job.   Dana, thank you for endless patience and tons of knowledge and a willingness to do everything from paperwork to untangling vines to complicated agenting situations.  Nina, thank you for handling all the details that would have had me screaming.  And please tell Lianne thank you as well — I know she went above and beyond as well.

Thank you!!!
Erica Bauermeister


I even get raves from other agents:

“Sold in Process” and by the wonderfully talented, always gentlemanly and human being with least amount of Spock Baby attitude I know (aside from me anyway) … the great Dana Graham. Folks, if you’ve ever had the chance to work with Dana, you know what I’m talking about; consummate professional, always advocating for his client and in a fair manner with an even keel attitude. Dana, THANK YOU for a smooth transaction and your friendship.  

George Fotion — Call Realty

As a follower of real estate I make it a point to keep up with the current Palos Verdes
market, trends and what is important to buyers and sellers.
I thought I was quite knowledgable until I attended a fantastic lecture  “Real Estate Realities and Myths” by Dana Graham, a top real estate broker in PV.
There I learned todays complicated process of selling and the current realities about the do’s and don’ts that affect selling and updating one’s house. The myths that we believed were so well crushed.
What one should and should not do to get a house ready to market and what makes economic sense was clearly explained in a factual, often amusing way, based on years of experience.
I learned so many added useful facts in that hour that I never knew.  I recommend that one attend Dana’s lecture so the decisions one makes will be cost effective and help improve, sell or buy homes.
Frank Glaser 

Dear Mr Short:

I just want you to know that Dana Graham did an incredible job listing our home and helping us find a home.  Dana walks the extra mile in every action he takes.  The way he serves people is really amazing.  He is the only realtor I will ever recommend.  He truly cares.  Lee and I appreciate him so much — he should be teaching.  Integrity cannot be bought and he exemplifies incredible integrity and perseverance.  I know he works very very hard, harder than any realtor I know, but it all builds trust in a world that lacks all the old standards.

Joan Jani-Mimms — Palos Verdes Estates


Thank you so much for delivering on your promise to act as if it were your home that you were selling.  You did an awesome job!

Carolin Keith Wade — Palos Verdes Estates


I have been acquainted with Dana Graham for many years.  Over that time I have known him in several capacities from church volunteer to businessman and when I made the decision to sell my property I knew there was no better agent in the Palos Verdes area to handle the daunting task.

Dana’s expertise in Palos Verdes was invaluable.  Between issues with removing my renter to repairing and updating the interior of the unit, he was a full time agent as well as part time general contractor, electrician, and plumber.  In the end, I made a very nice profit and I believe the new owners are very happy in their new home.

Since that time I found I needed a mortgage broker to refinance another property and once again Dana’s connections and expertise were invaluable.

Anyone who is considering hiring Dana should not think twice about his dedication and experience.

Margaret Juneau — 45-year resident of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Here’s to Dana, to whom real estate is not just a business, but a calling.
Thank you for being our on site advocate, for staying on top of EVERY aspect of the sale, EVERY day. We knew that you would get us through this rollercoaster ride of a volatile real estate market.  You knew who to call (even yourself!) to solve EVERY issue that cropped up.  One could not ask for better or more professional representation.
And thank you for finding the house for our folks all those years ago, ever the advocate and good friend.
Most sincerely,
Heather, Cheryl, and Dan: “THE CAMPBELL KIDS”


” . . . most of all, we want to thank you for safely guiding us thru some very difficult times the past few months.  Not just in selling the house [in Rancho Palos Verdes], but in helping us cope with our adjacent problems.  You were very patient, and you kept us laughing!  We’ll miss you.

The Aseltines


You were absolutely perfect in every respect.  Think about what you accomplished.  Maybe it is because you have been doing this for a while, but you absolutely maximized the profit from the sale by not allowing me to invest any more in the property [Rancho Palos Verdes] than was absolutely necessary.  You called the shots along the way and what you predicted became reality.  You couldn’t have made it any easier on me.  You took care of things like the painter and the carpeting guy…all things I could have done, but you had the relationships and made it happen.  You came highly recommended and now your legacy will continue as I become the one that highly recommends you.

Thank you!!!

Don Murray


I am writing to let you know how much I appreciated the great job Dana Graham did in listing, marketing and selling our property located at 3701 Via Cardelina, Palos Verdes Estates, CA, 90274.  He was responsive and communicative, met or exceeded all time constraints, and anticipated and prepared for issues as they came up.  He also went “above and beyond” selling the property in helping us dispose of the contents of the property, which had belonged to our recently deceased mother.  He was particularly sensitive to, and helpful with, emotional issues that went along with disposing of our childhood home and its contents which was equally helpful and appreciated.

I would recommend Dana without reservation and would be happy to provide a reference to anyone considering retaining him.

Susan J Williams


I’ve genuinely appreciated your unwavering commitment throughout this process. Your patience and professionalism are peerless as far as I’m concerned. If I ever hear of anybody on the Hill looking for a realtor, I will tell them I interviewed 3 big names, and you were by far the most qualified. More importantly, you were there for us throughout the process with the kind of assistance and advice that I have never witnessed (while buying/selling 3 homes in the past ten years) nor ever imagined a realtor willing or able to provide. You’re a standout pro in a sea of hilltop hobbyists.

Chris Walton


Dana: Thank you for the amazing service. You made our first home buying experience easy! We hope we can send some friends your way. You were great.

Bill, Jennifer, and Joy


It was my good fortune to use Dana on the recent sale of my home in Palos Verdes Estates. We got top dollar in a buyer’s market within 5 days of listing it for sale. He personally took care of every detail so that the escrow period and closing went as smoothly as possible.

Through Dana you will have access to his experienced group of home sale professionals including a contractor, termite service, escrow agent, estate sales person who can sell unwanted belongings and, most importantly, he knows which lenders in today’s market are actually making loans. Dana will set up each of the above-referenced services as needed and will be present in the home when the work is done.

Unfortunately, professionals like Dana, who not only enjoy their work and do an excellent job, are no longer as common as they once were. It is no wonder that Dana’s business all comes from referrals. As I told Dana when the sale had closed, I had never been so happy to pay someone his commission!

Suzanne Kawahara



My brothers and I recently lost our mother and were faced with selling her home. My husband Mike and I had sold our home in Torrance nearly 20 years ago, and Dana Graham was our realtor. He has kept in touch with us over the years by sending his quarterly newsletter, which we always read with interest. When we were faced with selling my mom’s house, Dana was the first person that came to mind, as he had done a superlative job selling our home in the South Bay all those years ago. When he agreed to work with us again, I was very happy.

Not only was the pricing that Dana gave us spot on, but because he handled everything so well, going above and beyond what he could have done, my brothers and I did not have to fly back to California at any time during the selling process. We were able to get a great price for the house, and Dana’s extra help and work with the shipping company we used went better than we could have imagined. His contacts with reliable trades persons allowed us to get all the necessary repairs done as well. The entire selling process went so smoothly, and we were all extremely happy with Dana’s work. He is quite an asset to your company and business.

My husband Mike and I wish that he did work out here in Georgia as well!

Mike and Hanna Dettman


Recently I retained Dana Graham to assist me in finding a residence to purchase. From the outset, Mr Graham was intent on learning what features I did (and did not) want in a house. Our first tour of prospective homes for rent or sale lasted several hours and we inspected at least seven pre-selected houses. He had a printout of each house we viewed and I was able to “rank” each house after our visit. Mr Graham noted my likes and dislikes and on the second outing he had narrowed the new choices down to several that were of the type, and in the locations I was looking for.

Mr Graham knew everything I wanted to know about the various neighborhoods, and their proximity to shops, schools, and other amenities. That eventually helped me make the decision to buy a wonderful house in Lunada Bay. He also helped me find a mortgage company willing and able to arrange a loan for me. He reviewed and explained to me the myriad documents I was asked to sign. He took me to City Hall to review past permits; we carefully examined inspection and disclosure reports; he assisted me with the escrow process; and enabled me to fully understand all of the closing documents. But his help didn’t end there. He then arranged to have several bedrooms, a bathroom, and the kitchen repainted after several layers of wallpaper were removed. This work promptly commenced the day after escrow closed and was completed to my great satisfaction in three days.

In short Mr Graham made what could have been a stressful ordeal into a pleasant, quick, and productive purchase. I will recommend Prudential and Mr Graham to anyone thinking of selling or buying property in the South Bay area. Prudential and agents such as Dana Graham are what make you the leading realty company . . . but then I expect you already know that. Thanks for the superior service rendered by Dana Graham.

William A Plourde, Jr.


Changes are always hard. The decision to sell our house was very difficult for us. When we were finally ready to start the process, we were slightly overwhelmed with where to begin. Enter Dana Graham. He took us by the hand and guided us through each step. We knew right away that Dana was very passionate about what he did. He is diligent, hard-working, persistent, and very professional. He always had our best interest at heart and we know we were in good hands.

Beside being our realtor, Dana wore a lot of other hats. Many times, he would come over in his “work” clothes to fix things around the house. He fixed cabinet handles, closet doors, painted some panels, ordered a special part (found on the internet through a blog from a company that had gone out of business) to fix a latch on an old sliding door, spent many hours tracking down a hard to find panel box cover, and numerous other things. We would see something that was broken or had not been working in years and all of a sudden it was fixed. We knew Dana had come by. He truly went beyond what was required or asked of him.

During the inspection and all throughout escrow, Dana did all the “worrying” for us and helped us to focus on other things. Due to Dana’s professionalism and attention to details, everything went smoothly and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience or outcome. We have been and will contine to recommend Dana in a heartbeat to anyone who is thinking about selling or buying a house. With thankful hearts —

The Thomsons — Rolling Hills Estates


We think it’s time to document the exemplary job Dana Graham has done for our family in three major transactions.

In the Spring of 2003 Bob and Virginia Putnam (both 87 years old) retained Dana as their listing agent after both daughters assured them Dana Graham would prove to be a very special realtor. Words cannot adequately express how much like a brother he became for us, and how much like a son he was for the Putnams. Here are just a few examples: 1) He removed a satellite dish using a 20+ foot ladder; 2) Caulked the bathroom floors; 3) Painted the new wood installed during termite repairs; 4) For bulky trash day, Dana arrived in work clothes to move a freezer, metal cabinet, and other heavy items to the curb; 5) Successfully resolved 3 sticky issues with the PVE Art Jury.

In the early 1990’s Janet & Charlie Johnson looked out from their Via Acalones home and saw Dana on the roof of the neighbor’s house repairing shingles to avoid a dispute when the seller refused to spend $100 for the shingle repair. Thus began our understanding that Dana Graham is a different kind of realtor. The Johnsons have subsequently bought and sold two more homes (other areas). Dana continues to be the benchmark by which they measure other realtors. Subsequent realtors have been competent, but never so service-oriented and communicative. In addition to his outstanding capabilities as a realtor, Dana has a keen and unique sense of humor, which helps his clients see the lighter side of the dark moments that are inevitable in most real estate transactions. Our entire family joins in the commendation of Dana Graham as realtor extraordinaire. We’ll be happy to talk personally with anyone considering him for real estate work.

Bob & Virginia Putnam, Janet & Charlie Johnson, Barbi and Mark Carpenter, all of Palos Verdes Estates


Thank you so very, very much for the wonderful job you performed on our behalf in selling our RHE home. We will always be grateful to you for your professional skills and knowledge, your helpfulness to us personally in numerous details large and small, your patience when we were impatient, and seeing us through to a very successful end. . . . Many thanks again to the “Best Realtor on the Hill”!

Dr & Mrs Jack Heurlin, Rolling Hills Estates


Dana is smart and organized. He explains everything thoroughly and keeps his client informed every step of the way. . .. He has keen instincts about the other party in the deal — e.g., if we’ve received the best offer — and when it’s time to lower the price. . . . He has excellent knowledge about construction, so I knew we’d make correct decisions about repairs. . . . On the personal side, Dana is a very kind man. . . . Kindness and a killer sense of humor: Dana has an unbeatable combination of personal characteristics. . . . I have and will recommend Dana without hesitation to my friends for their home real estate needs.

Marion Smith, Rancho Palos Verdes


As a corporate executive for 30 years I have moved often — bought and sold many houses. I can state unequivocally that Dana Graham is not only the best real estate agent we have ever dealt with — he is so far superior to any other of my knowledge as to defy comparison”

G T Rush, Rancho Palos Verdes


“We have never in our past dealings had an agent of your caliber. Your professionalism and knowledge of all aspects cannot be surpassed”

M/M Tom Davis, Harbor City


“Your recent assistance in selling my home marks the fourth time in about 10 years that I have sought and received your services as a real estate agent. In each case, most notably the recent sale into a difficult market and the many “niggling” details that characterized that transaction and its follow-up, your unflagging attention, professionalism and expertise were, in my mind, at the highest level that could be expected”

Stew Crawford, Rancho Palos Verdes


“Over the past several years I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dana in finding a residence and then listing it with him. His integrity and candid manner provide the basis for me to exploit his enormous knowledge of the market. I am convinced that no other Realtor could serve me better. . . . it is an understatement to describe me as a difficult client — ask Dana (ed: he wasn’t so bad). I am a Computer Systems Consultant with a degree in Engineering who wants an explanation of everything and accepts nothing at face value. Dana is the only Realtor who has ever satisfied my requirement, and working with him is a pleasure as well.”

C G Altmann, Rancho Palos Verdes


“We would like you to know how impressed we have been with Dana Graham. He was spot on with pricing (as you know, we got our asking price, plus) and has been amazingly resourceful and helpful throughout the process. . . . He even found a better mortgage for the buyers. . . . I certainly recommend him highly. He is a savvy realtor, a tireless worker, and a very fine person.”

Jeanne Turner, Palos Verdes Estates


“I want to express my appreciation for the very professional manner in which you handled the sale of my home in Palos Verdes Estates. I interviewed several real estate agents prior to selecting you and I must say I never regretted my choice. This was my first experience with a house sale in over 30 years and I was concerned with the fact that I had already moved out of town and would not be easily accessible. The property sold in 6 days and closed escrow in 30 days without a hitch. I think the things you did over and above the normal task of closing escrow made a big difference.”

D Conklin, Palos Verdes Estates


“This unsolicited letter is written in recognition and appreciation of the outstanding performance of Dana Graham. In contrast to previous realtors we talked to, Dana recommended a reasonable, cost-effective set of house preparations, and was even able to provide us with the names of painters and other contractors such that our required fixup expenses were less than half of what they would have been. The house was on the market for only two days when we got a buyer! Dana ensured that the sales contract was “bulletproof” . . . Dana was there for us at every critical point of the escrow, including all negotiations and inspections. . . . We were living in our Northern California “dream home” in less than two months. We are firmly convinced that this would not have occurred if not for Dana’s experience and expertise.”

M/M Lyon, Torrance