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The History of Palos Verdes (straight from those of us who lived it)

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Just out on You Tube is a fascinating history of Palos Verdes Estates as told by those of us who lived thru it.  You'll see many faces and places you recognize, including me.  Sorry, this link is down for some reason -- it's being investigated.      Continue Reading!

The Other Reasons Japan Lost the War

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I gave this talk yesterday at Malaga Cove Historical Society and will give it again July 9 for Peninsula Seniors.  Hope to see you there.  Here is the link to it on YouTube: Continue Reading!

The History of Neighborhood Church

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As one of the few living people from the early days, I am often asked to speak on the history of this Palos Verdes Estates landmark.  It helps that my parents were heavily involved in the Church from their arrival in 1947, including my arrival later that year. Here is the link to that speech, which will be airing on local Channel 33: http://youtu.be/6ihW8ti20roContinue Reading!

When Nice Doesn’t Get It

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This was actually written Sept 15, 2012, but I had to back-date it. Thomas Jefferson, though over-rated in my humble opinion, is definitely one of the better Presidents in US history.  His foreign policy was, however, not the best.  If more people were taught or studied that history, we might avoid some of the problems we seem to continually run into.  I'm referring specifically to North Africa at the moment. Prior to the American Revolution, the Colonies' not inconsiderable merchant marine enjoyed...Continue Reading!