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High Density Housing

As most PV residents are now aware, in its infinite wisdom, the State has dictated that every city must have "affordable" housing.  "Affordable" varies by city, but the fact that the State is using our tax money and something called the "Builder's Remedy" to bludgeon cities into compliance is disturbing.  The spirit of the California State constitution is that zoning is left to the cities and counties, but Sacramento has found a cynical way around it.  The artist renderings below...Continue Reading!

May 2024 Newsletter

Dear Neighbor: Lest you think all I do is to write you an occasional letter, I was honored to be named the #1 Berkshire Hathaway agent in the South Bay for the first quarter of 2024, and in the Chairman’s Circle (the highest level) for all of 2023.  Thanks to all of you whose family homes I have had the honor to sell over the past 40 years. OK, done bragging.  I’m going to get into the weeds a bit here, but...Continue Reading!

March 2024 Newsletter

Dear Neighbor: I don’t usually cover this sort of thing, but as I’m sure most of you know Wayfarer’s Chapel has been in the news lately, and in my capacity as President of the Palos Verdes Historical Society, I figured I’d include a brief mention.  Next to La Venta Inn, which recently had its share of excitement, Wayfarer’s is probably the most iconic building on the Peninsula.  Higher than normal rainfall has caused the landslide not only to accelerate, but also...Continue Reading!

The Latest on Water-Related Events in Palos Verdes

I suppose this will all someday be history, so on those tenuous grounds, here we go: I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the heart-rending ground movement at Wayfarer’s Chapel.  Completed in 1951, designed by famed architect Lloyd Wright, Jr (son of Frank) on land donated by Narcissa Vanderlip, this stunning chapel has become an iconic landmark on the Peninsula, rivalled only by La Venta Inn. Due primarily to the heavy rains of the last 18 or so months, the Abalone Cove...Continue Reading!