"Palos Verdes Resident since 1947"

The History of Palos Verdes (straight from those of us who lived it)

Just out on You Tube is a fascinating history of Palos Verdes Estates as told by those of us who lived thru it.  You’ll see many faces and places you recognize, including me.  Sorry, this link is down for some reason — it’s being investigated.

The children of Valmonte about 1958

The children of Valmonte about 1958 — that’s John Harrington & I at middle back




  1. Doug Davies

    Hi, I met you and your wife both at a Peninsula Seniors lecture on Gilmore Oil and at the recent Concourse at the airport. I saw on YouTube both your videos on the Neighborhood Church and Japan in WW2. Yesterday I visited the Neighborhood Church and was most impressed with the organ along with the labyrinth, cave and everything else. Thanks for all your hard work.

    When I click on “history of Palos Verdes Estates” on YouTube the response is “This Video is unavailable. Can you get it back?

    Thanks again.

  2. danagraham

    Thank you Doug. That video was posted by the person that produced it and, for reasons that I don’t completely understand, was taken down. I do not have control of it, tho I might have a dvd of it somewhere. Thank you for your kind comments