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All Is Not What It Seems

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Apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan.  Real estate price declines have been all over the news during the past few months, with stomach-churning numbers up to 41% decline fairly common. There is no doubt that, overall, prices have declined from their 2007 peaks, but there is an interesting phenomenon afoot below the surface that is fooling those coming up with these numbers: The lower end of the market (under about $750,000) is currently hotter than a 1951 Crosley with a bad thermostat.  One...Continue Reading!

Stuff You Won’t Hear From the Media

I could write a book, but here's what's pertinent to real estate at the moment:  we've all heard the constant reports in the media that the "median price" of real estate is down 36% or some other dire number, right?  You might think that prices are headed south faster than Lee after Gettysburg, but it's not true.  This stuff makes me crazy, but I'm sufficiently medicated to get thru this. There has been an interesting dichotomy in the market for the...Continue Reading!

Is the #1 Agent the Best?

Do you ever get tired of every agent claiming to be #1?  When you're selling your house, you want an agent to whom the sale is as big a deal as it is to you.  After all, your concern is quality of service, not quantity of sales -- why do you care that an agent sold 30 other homes that year?  When I got into this business 25 years ago, I made the commitment to put quality ahead of  quantity,...Continue Reading!