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Property Inspections

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Obtaining a property inspection is a crucial step in the buying process and a popular subject for TV shows.  As a veteran of those type of shows, I will just tell you that what ends up on the screen often bears little resemblance to what actually went on.  But I'm getting ahead of myself. While you want to have an inspection by a disinterested, but qualified, 3rd party (please be there for it), there are aspects of property inspection that may not...Continue Reading!

Are Realtors Are Overpaid?

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I've heard this question before, and I understand where it comes from.  The answer is generally no, however, and here's why: 1)  When you pay your Realtor a commission to sell your house, you are paying for the accumulation of (presumably) many years' experience being brought to bear.  While you are not generally paying your realtor to attract buyers (if you read my stuff you already know this), you are paying him/her for what happens when an offer(s) appears.  I get into...Continue Reading!

Why Your Escrow Won’t Close on Time

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Escrows almost never close on the date scheduled which, if you don't do this every day, may seem strange.  After all, both parties signed an agreement that the escrow would close on a certain date.  Why doesn't it? There are a bunch of potential reasons, but here is by far the most common: The buyer's lender.  This is by far the single biggest reason for late closings.  It isn't that the lender doesn't have time to process the loan.  The problem is that, apart...Continue Reading!


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This article was originally written in April, 2009, in the wake of the "meltdown", but still holds true today: Much has been written about the causes of the recent economic events as pertains to real estate, from the unqualified buyer, the predatory lender, potential collusion between the various parties, bogus loan ratings, and right on thru to the ultimate trusting investor.  Some have even addressed appraisals, but there is a problem with appraisals I've not seen discussed anywhere: The purpose of the...Continue Reading!