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Rolling Hills

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About 1932 (timing is everything) development of the gated City of Rolling Hills began.  As with Palos Verdes Estates, the vision of the founders didn’t exactly work out as planned.  One of the first streets was Williamsburg Lane, an almost PVE-esque street of colonial style homes reminiscent of Tidewater Virginia.

The orignal City did not include the area off Eastfield Drive; rather, the City ended at the east end of Crest Road with a guarded gate.  One could continue on Crest Road down to PV Drive East.  Up until about 1970 those streets off Eastfield (Wideloop, Chuckwagon, Outrider, etc) were part of then-unincorporated Los Angeles County, like the rest of the Hill.  That is why those lots tend to be smaller, the homes closer together, than those in the rest of Rolling Hills.  But for where they drew the line, streets like Bronco and Maverick could today be in Rolling Hills.

Also originally, one could take Portuguese Bend Road south from Crest Rd within Rolling Hills and connect with the Narcissa Drive in Portuguese Bend.  This was before the Portuguese Bend Slide began in late 1955, tho is was still passable for a couple of years thereafter.

Today there are 3 ways in and out of the City:  the main gate at Rolling Hills Road, the gate at the western end of Crest Road, and the one at the end of Eastfield which empties onto PV Drive East.  Homes prices run from about $1.5 million for a tear-down to properties that would sell north of $15 million if they came up for sale.