"Palos Verdes Resident since 1947"

The History of Palos Verdes

As you probably know, I’ve lived in Palos Verdes for 75 years — probably why they made the President of the Palos Verdes Historical Society.  On May 12 at 4 pm at Hesse Park, I will be giving a one hour presentation on the history of Palos Verdes, beginning with Frank Vanderlip’s 1913 purchase of the Peninsula.  I’d like to begin in 1821 with Mexico’s independence from Spain, but I only have an hour.  Much of this is from my personal memory and experience.  We’ll probably get from 1913 to 1973 (incorporation of Rancho Palos Verdes) which, to me, is current events.  It’s free with refreshments provided by Belmont Village, so come on by and hear stuff you probably haven’t heard elsewhere.


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