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No, this is not some story about a Japanese submarine off-shore shelling La Venta in 1942.
I am sorry to have to put this out there again, but just when we all thought there was an agreement 2 months ago, which La Venta had bent over backwards to achieve, the goal posts have now been moved.  A few neighbors, encouraged that their prior demands have gotten a reception by the City, are trying to get further restrictions imposed on La Venta Inn, specifically:
— No outside dining at any time
— Closing the doors at 8:30 pm
— Extremely restrictive sound level limits that will be nearly impossible to achieve
— And (and this is the kicker to me) prohibited parking on Via Del Monte.
This last would be a non-starter for me.  The parking at La Venta has always been insufficient and parking on Del Monte has always been allowed as a result.  The City doesn’t seem to have any problem accommodating the hordes of bicyclists who ride up and down Del Monte obstructing traffic, but now can’t let parking on it, without which La Venta can’t survive, continue as it always has.  In my humble opinion this alone would make La Venta unviable as the kind of asset to the community it has always been.
In total, these proposed additional restrictions would likely force the sale of the property, as the family cannot afford to keep it without income and, as any new owner would have to abide by the same onerous restrictions, would probably result in its destruction and development into 3 McMansions — remember it is located on 3 R-1 buildable lots.
Those attempting to force La Venta’s closure (and again, they will deny that this is their aim, but it will be the result if they get their way) are focused and relentless. Those supporting La Venta’s existence need to be equally relentless and focused. As many of you pointed out last time, these people all bought their homes after La Venta was operating as it has since the 1960’s and knew, or should have known, what it was. This is a blatant attempt to achieve the same conditions that existed during La Venta’s effective closure during COVID.
UNLESS THERE IS A HUGE PUBLIC OUTCRY OVER THIS, PALOS VERDES WILL LOSE YET ANOTHER IRREPLACEABLE, ICONIC LANDMARK — and this one would be bigger than all the rest.  If you can attend the Zoom meeting this Tuesday, May 3 at 5:30 pm, it would be great to flood the meeting with supporters.  Here is the Zoom link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87112327592.  If you can’t and you care about La Venta Inn’s preservation, please let your feelings be known once again via email (too late for letters, sorry) to:
Brianna Rindge at [email protected], and/or
The following was posted on Next Door by the owners of La Venta, who are being forced into a corner on this, a fact which I’m not sure those doing the pushing understand:
La Venta Inn Needs Your Help…Again!
The Palos Verdes Planning Commission is not yet done with considering new restrictions for La Venta’s continued operation.
And they have once again opened the issue to public comment this Thursday evening.
Please if you can make the zoom meeting, your support is important to La Venta’s continued economic viability.
Among the issues:
1. The commissioners have revised their proposed ordinance recommendation to eliminate any outdoor table service at any time of day.
2. Their proposed ordinance would require La Venta to enclose guests indoors after 8:30pm even in the summer months when it doesn’t get dark until after 9pm.
3. They also are proposing a ban on any La Venta Inn parking on Via del Monte, even in front of La Venta’s property. Currently it is legal to park on Via del Monte but this zoning amendment would make it illegal for any guest or staff person to park there. I don’t know how that one would or could be enforced. But these are some of the restrictions the Planning Commissioners will be hearing.

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