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May 2015 Newsletter

May, 2015

Dear Neighbor:

I’m not sure if the entire market is going crazy or just my share of it.  In my last letter I mentioned that there were not a lot of homes for sale.  That continues to be true, with the only ones not selling being those who, trying to take advantage of the market, have overshot the mark on the price.  Speaking for myself, I can hardly get my listings on the market before I have really good offers.  The 4 bedroom at 8 Aurora that I mentioned last time as coming up at $1,295,000 sold instantly with multiple offers, just closing escrow this past week.

I also mentioned last time my upcoming lecture on “Real Estate Myths and Realities”, which I gave on March 18 to a large and very appreciative audience.  Here is what one attendee wrote:

“As a follower of real estate I make it a point to keep up with the current Palos Verdes market, trends and what is important to buyers and sellers.   I thought I was quite knowledgable until I attended a fantastic lecture “Real Estate Realities and Myths” by Dana Graham, a top real estate broker in PV.  There I learned today’s complicated process of  selling and the current realities about the do’s and don’ts that affect selling and updating  one’s house.  The myths that we believed were so well crushed.  What one should and should not do to get a house ready to market and what makes economic sense was clearly explained in a factual, often amusing way, based on years of experience.  I learned so many added useful facts in that hour that I never knew.  I recommend that one attend Dana’s lecture so the decisions one makes will be cost effective and help improve, sell or buy homes.”  Frank Glaser

I am happy to give this talk to any interested group.  If you think your HOA, church, synagogue, or social club would enjoy this, call me at 310 613-1076 or email [email protected].

Going on the market as I write this is a nice two bedroom one bath home at 4120 Via Solano, PVE.  This is an original 1951 home with 2-car garage and workshop on a nearly 10,000 square foot flat lot.  The way the market is right now, it will likely be in escrow by the time you get this, but call or email me ([email protected]) because I have homes coming up all the time, and you want to be one of those who finds out before everyone else does.

Once again, I thank you for your patronage and support over the 31 years that I have been in this business – still determined to be the kind of agent I wanted when I was the client 32 years ago.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                Dana H Graham                                                                                                                                                                                DRE #00877973

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