"Palos Verdes Resident since 1947"

The Results Are In

In 2012, I ended up being the #1 Prudential agent in Palos Verdes and #4 overall in number of sales (including other brokerages) out of the thousands of agents that do business here.

Now, you may say, #4 is no big deal but, if you read my stuff, you know that, unlike the other agents who do my level of business,  I do all this myself — no assistants, secretaries, sub-agents, no foreclosure contracts with banks — no nuthin’.  I do this because if you hire me, you should get me and my nearly 30 years of experience applied unblinkingly to your transaction, and not be sloughed off onto an assistant while the “name” agent is out trolling for new clients.  I have no doubt I could be #1 if I wanted to operate that way, but being #1 has never been my goal. 

As I am fond of saying, I am grateful for the clients I have, and really do treat every transaction as if it were my own. The result is that nearly every one of my sales closes escrow . . . which is how I have these kinds of results (they aren’t falling out while I’m off trying to get new clients or screwing around in Long Beach or some other market of which I know nothing), and why my clients are so enthusiastic about my performance.

Call me at 310 613-1076 — my personal cell phone — not some voice mail or receptionist.

I scanned this article from a recent issue of the PV News

I scanned this article from a recent issue of the PV News


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