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It’s Not Rocket Science

I’m talking about real estate.  The basic process of buying and selling a home is not rocket science, brain surgery, or astrophysics.  It doesn’t even involve knowledge of Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion.  So why does the realtor you choose matter?  Heck, why not do it yourself?  See how tense Kepler looks in this picture?  He was probably in the middle of an escrow, had figured he was smart enough to handle it, and had just listed with someone who left a card on his door.

Most things in life are not rocket science.  When your car begins making a funny noise under the hood, water all of a sudden trickles out of your kitchen faucet or thru your ceiling, it’s April 15th, or your favorite suit needs cleaning after you tried to diagnose the funny noise under your hood, what do you do?  Sure, you could probably fix all that stuff yourself; after all, you’re at least as smart as the auto mechanic, plumber, roofer, CPA, or dry cleaner, assuming you could get past the plastic covering the engine, the black widow spider guarding the pipes, find the hole in your roof (hint:  it’s never near the leak), Subtract Line 52 from Line 8 on Form OMG-1 unless you qualify for some government largesse (the rest of us are paying for) in which case obtain form 682.3 and attach it to your return, or rent a dry cleaning machine on a one-time basis and hope not to destroy that suit.

The point is that familiarity on a daily basis with the laws, customs, and issues that might come up during a real estate transaction is a lot like the above examples.  Sure, you have 26 patents to your name, designed the Saturn V rocket, are about to cure cancer, or invented a car that runs on nothing.  But you can’t know everything and you don’t deal with real estate every day.  Having done so for the past 28 years, I can tell you that the number, type, and potential consequences of things that happen during a real estate transaction can be unpleasant; and while they don’t require Mensa-like intellect to deal with, successful handling of the myriad issues that can, and often do, arise, does require someone used to dealing with them, someone with creative and resourceful solutions to them, and someone with your interests in mind.

That pretty-well describes me.  Give me a call at 310 613-1076.

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